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I kept the always-on watch face enabled and thus I could always see the time, although in a more limited view when in standby manual mode.
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MOre pictures of devastating accident

Battery of bus detached after accident
Battery of bus

side view of the completely wrecked bus in a n accident

Side view of bus
Curved path from where bus started going backwards
Curved path(U shaped) from where bus started going backwards

Point from where bus went down 132 ft.

Point from where bus went down

Rear view of the completely wrecked bus in a n accident
Rear view of bus


School bus met with an Accident

The bus after going down 132 ft. down the hill
The bus after going down 132 ft. down the hill

                  Today was quite a horrifying day for the students of Antique Bhadgaon School, located at Sallaghari, Bhaktapur. The school bus carrying more than 50 students of Antique Bhadgaon School met with an accident this afternoon while it was on the way to drop children. About 20 students among others were reported to be seriously injured and were taken to Kathmandu Medical Hospital for further treatment. Other students who were injured in the accident are undergoing treatment in Bhaktapur District Hospital.

Front view of the completely wrecked bus in a n accident
Front view of the completely wrecked bus

                        According to the local people, the accident took place when bus was trying to take turn along the curve on the hilly road. The bus came backwards after it couldn’t sustain its weight in the steep and narrow path and went 132 ft. down from the hill. Driver of the bus is reported missing after the incident and police are investigating the accident.
Accident occured on 15-05-2009 ( GMT 11:32) 

16 hours loadshedding a day !!!!

Loadshedding in Nepal is now extended to its extreme point.Nepal, which is said to be rich in natural resources and second richest country of water resources is facing 16 hours loadshedding a day. With a potentiality of producing 43000 MW, Nepal is just producing 560 Mw of hydroelectricity and of which only 555 MW is connected to National Grid. According to Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) , Nepal needs minimum of 800 MW of electricity to fulfill its demands.

Only 25 km away from capital city Kathmandu, there are villages and places where people have never seen or heard of electricity. After encountering 10 years of home war Nepal is still facing another war for next decade for its rapid development. Nepal Electricity Authority explains that there will be yet another increment in the time of loadshedding on mid-february and there are no any alternative for it.Loadshedding will be extended to 18 hours a day from mid- february.

The rapid economic growth as promised by different political parties seems to be limited within the speech of speaker. Because, when industrial sectors are facing 104 hours loadshedding a week , no steady production is possible. Also, think about normal people who have to join their hands and mouth for example, a carpenter or a cyber operator... Just imagine broadly,how a student can study... How is it possible to see developed Nepal??? Let's hope without electricity, New Nepal's dream project to touch sky will become sucessful soon....

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Nepal’s own ultralight takes off in Pokhara

Danfe, which is the first ultralight aircraft designed and built in Nepal, finally took off in Pokhara on 6th december. The test flight of Danfe was conducted at Pokhara Airport , three years after it was built by the student of Pulchowk Engineering Campus as part of their academic research .

Russian pilot Alexander Maximov , who received permission to fly Danfe only two days ago , flew the ultralight aircraft for over a minute. The aircraft flew 15-feet off the ground after cruising in the runway for for 95.32 metres at a speed of 73.2 kmph . The test flight was jointly conducted by Pulchowk Engineering Campus and Avia Club Nepal , Pokhara.

The test flight of Danfe coincided with International Civil Aviation Day. The flight was conducted at 4:30 pm after all scheduled flights at the Pokhara Airport had taken off. Danfe, built at a cost of one million rupees, can fly up to 6,000 ft at 100 kmph. It has a capacity of carrying 400 kg during the flight and can fly for two hours with 50 litres of aviation fuel.

The aircraft was designed and developed by Danfe Aircraft Fabrication Group, a group of seven engineering students led by Bikas Parajuli , three years ago. But Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) had refused to issue permit for the test flight. However, CAAN permitted test flight for Danfe in Mid-November.

A crowd of curious onlookers gathered at the Pokhara airport to witness the historic flight. Parajuli’s father, Shiva Prasad, who was on a wheelchair, mother Goma and other relatives were also in the crowd. Minister for Science and Technology Ganesh Shah and other high-ranking government officials of Kaski also witnessed the test flight.

Following the successful test flight, Minister Shah felicitated the young scientists and declared that government should bear the expenses incurred while designing and developing the aircraft.
He said the government would allocate a fund of Rs. 10 million for the research and development of science and technology.

“I was ecstatic when Danfe received the permit for the test flight,” an elated Parajuli said, adding his team will now focus on developing an improved version of the aircraft.”The aircraft was built following the Barnauli principle. It’s engine is built as per the Austrian technology,” Parajuliu added. Ramesh Ranabhat, a member of the team, said the aircraft would be upgraded after carrying out necessary research.

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