King of all Worktops

corian worktopsCorian worktops have same flawless and spotless looks but are more affordable than its marble and granite counterparts. It is completely made up of plastic, easy to clean and its surface is hygienic as it doesn’t allow bacteria or fungi to grow. You can choose from different patterns and colors which, unlike its laminates counterparts, doesn’t disappear when you sand it down or cut it. Corian worktops can also be used outdoors without any loss in its surface finish. So, if you are looking for outdoor worktop then this is the best choice for you.

It comes in variety of thickness, with color and patterns running throughout the plastic. As it’s not a natural product, it can be produced in large pane according your requirements and would provide you a firm worktop, which is completely free from any gaps or joints. These worktops are presented in numerous colors and textures to choose from; hence you are most likely to find a worktop that suits your requirements.

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