Being sick Is a CRIME????

When you are sick you are a criminal. You know why? Because a sick can be heavily compared with a criminal. Here's how I compare a sick with a criminal.

A patient is a criminal and his sickness, the crime he's committed. Your parents/ guardians are the lawyers who take you to the hospital which is the court. The doctors in the hospital are the judges who are going to give you a trial. They might sometimes give orders to take you to the police stations till another date which in this case are the labs. The lab docs are the policemen who torture you with their equipments such as x-rays, blood test, ultrasounds, ECG, etc.

The next time you are taken to the court there would be the reports of these tests which are the evidences that might be in favor or against you. On the basis of these evidences the doctors would give their decisions. Medicines are the sure punishments of the doctors. Along with medicines you might be restricted to eat or do your best things. But these are just simple punishments. Severe punishments include imprisonment which the docs give you in form of bed rests and hospital admission. If your crime is big enough you'd even get life imprisonment. Sometimes you can escape these punishments by paying heavy fines, i.e. operations. But if your crime is incomparably big you'd be given life sentence and there would be no other alternatives.

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