Net Nanny Mobile

For many of children and younger generation, they tend to have visibly expensive cell phones due to the absentee parent syndrome that chase after material wealth and have no time to look after their kids, hence providing them with the best gadgets. With lateset smartphones being capable of doing many modern computing tasks, do you actually know what they are actually doing with them? Well now you can.
Net Nanny Mobile is the just the thing you need if you want to regulate what your kids can and cannot see while surfing on the computer. It offers parent unique control over the content on smartphones. You could view the content of email, text messages and MMS on the handset, also browse along the entire photo album, sent and received, a log of all voice conversations, the entire address book with all applications installed on the handset itself and most importantly, the phone’s location round the clock thanks to GPS tracking offered by Google Maps.

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