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I kept the always-on watch face enabled and thus I could always see the time, although in a more limited view when in standby manual mode.
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Net Nanny Mobile

For many of children and younger generation, they tend to have visibly expensive cell phones due to the absentee parent syndrome that chase after material wealth and have no time to look after their kids, hence providing them with the best gadgets. With lateset smartphones being capable of doing many modern computing tasks, do you actually know what they are actually doing with them? Well now you can.
Net Nanny Mobile is the just the thing you need if you want to regulate what your kids can and cannot see while surfing on the computer. It offers parent unique control over the content on smartphones. You could view the content of email, text messages and MMS on the handset, also browse along the entire photo album, sent and received, a log of all voice conversations, the entire address book with all applications installed on the handset itself and most importantly, the phone’s location round the clock thanks to GPS tracking offered by Google Maps.
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Lockface- An amazing facial recognition scanner

Webcam technology has remarkably changed its limit. One of its uses was to recognize a certain code for an augmented reality program. Now, it can also used to recognize a face. Lockface, is such an USB device which works better than a biometric scanner and can be stuck into any USB port. This device uses your face to make sure you are the right user, rather than a fingerprint.

Lockface is designed to work without using any separate software and starts by taking number of pictures of the user. It then uses these data to verify the user when he or she logs in. This tech scans correctly 98% of the time, but can verify the wrong person 1.91% of the time or simply won’t recognize the right user. But, if ever that happens there is a passcode to verify you’re the right user. This technology is already out in japan distributed by Futen in 4GB version which costs about $110.
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Portable Printers- An remarkable Device

Even though all the documents go online these days, there is still a call for printers. Speed, size and background noise level are key facts to consider when you consider buying a good quality printer. Now, just imagine a printer which you can carry everywhere you go. Yes, that’s right, a portable printer. Talk about advance technology, huh?
Printbrush is an remarkable portable printer designed by Print Dreams. The handheld printer remembers its positional coordinates as it prints. When you run Printbrush over a piece of paper, it will deposit black and white printer ink on the page in 600 DPI (dots per inch). The device uses Bluetooth communication and includes rechargeable batteries for people on the go.
This portable device is not just restricted to printing on plain paper. If you have any flat surface including fabric material or letter envelopes, it can aslo print perfectly on it so,there’s no need to use the manual feed on an office printer if you have one of these.

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Internet Marketing- OrangeSoda

Have you ever tried to do internet marketing by yourself? Do you really know what it takes to succeed with internet marketing? At present, a lot of people think that they know how to do internet marketing. Also, there are lots of companies for internet marketing but the one company that truly specializes in local internet marketing is Orange soda.

OrangeSoda which emerged in the internet marketing field 3 years ago and have worked extensively with internet marketing companies as ah-ha.com. Also, it has produced impressive results for its large client base and with their vast experience and knowledge in online marketing, OrangeSoda were able to provide processes and solutions that are easy to use and affordable for small businesses.
OrangeSoda’s main objective is to continue serving small businesses build ahead in the world of online marketing. However, orange soda reviews, like any other internet marketing company, are not always buoyant. They are often positive, even so occasionally when people see a negative review they become a little uncomfortable in hiring a company. However, it is significant that you look further than one negative review and also that you look ahead of just the words that are written in the review.

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