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I kept the always-on watch face enabled and thus I could always see the time, although in a more limited view when in standby manual mode.
8 people found this helpful. Well the trio, live, more than lived up manual ONLINE to the recordings.

Five basics steps to get your website to the first page of Google.

1)Limit your keyword phrases for each page: Many beginners make a mistake of filling up several keywords onto every page. Instead of doing this, you should focus on particular keyword phrases for each page. That way, you can make sure that the page is focusing on that one word without any distractions.

2) Link back your major keywords to your site: Many search engines, especially Google, have started to look up the words that are pointed out in the title tag of the links that point to your site. So, if you place your keyword in the title tag, it would enhance your rankings.
3) Create your first 100 words on the page with keyword rich contents: As search engines mostly focus on the first 100 words of a website, you should consider constructing it with keyword rich contents and if you use left-side menu, you might want to put your first 100 words above the left-handed menu, so as to ensure this text will be the first thing read on your website.
4) Place your keywords in the title and description tag: Meta tags are the tags which help search engines understand the content of the page. Each page should have different Title tags and the keywords used should match the page it is on. Information of description tag is listed directly below the title tag in search engine results. So,it is important to write a snappy description while using your keyword.

5) Write your keyword enriched web copy: While writing, include the majority of the keywords at the top and the bottom of the page. Additionally, the keyword should be included a few times in the middle. Fundamentally, the universal saying is that the keyword density should resemble an hour glass shape.

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