Undetectable Total Computer Spying Tool

Do you ever wonder what your children do online while you are away? Want to know if your employees are wasting valuable company time? Want to know if one of your close family members doing suspicious activity? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you might want to know about the latest computer spy device which records everything: keystrokes, remember websites visited, and capture screen shots, without any hardware. This device, which is also known as instant the Stealth iBot Computer Spy™ is quite easy to use and covertly monitors everything from passwords, photos to websites & chatting. And the best part of using this spy device is that no one would suspect that their every action is being recorded and logged. 

The Stealth iBot Computer Spy™, when plugged into your computer, automatically starts recording every keystroke, website visited, and screen shot secretly without any hardware. All you have to do is just plug it into your USB port, complete a fast 5-second installation, remove the device, and walk away. You don’t have to leave the hardware plugged into your computer to capture every action. This computer spy unit can record up to 10,000 screenshots and a virtually infinite amount of textual data. In addition, the data is locally stored and strongly encrypted with a unique key for each device.Your important data has never been more secure. 

Unlike its predecessor key loggers this computer spy device can be used on both the laptops and desktop PCs and works with Windows vista and vista sp1 too. Also, you can actually monitor all the user accounts in your computer without having to login into the accounts. The patented data mining technology and the sneaky design to embed itself directly into the OS makes this device perfect for acquiring information without being tracked by most antivirus and antispamming programs. This makes it almost impossible to detect this device. However, remember that this device is only intended to be used on a computer that you own.

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