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School bus met with an Accident

The bus after going down 132 ft. down the hill
The bus after going down 132 ft. down the hill

                  Today was quite a horrifying day for the students of Antique Bhadgaon School, located at Sallaghari, Bhaktapur. The school bus carrying more than 50 students of Antique Bhadgaon School met with an accident this afternoon while it was on the way to drop children. About 20 students among others were reported to be seriously injured and were taken to Kathmandu Medical Hospital for further treatment. Other students who were injured in the accident are undergoing treatment in Bhaktapur District Hospital.

Front view of the completely wrecked bus in a n accident
Front view of the completely wrecked bus

                        According to the local people, the accident took place when bus was trying to take turn along the curve on the hilly road. The bus came backwards after it couldn’t sustain its weight in the steep and narrow path and went 132 ft. down from the hill. Driver of the bus is reported missing after the incident and police are investigating the accident.
Accident occured on 15-05-2009 ( GMT 11:32) 

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