File extension QBW

QBW is a file extension associated with QuickBooks Data files .QuickBooks is accounting software which was initially popular among small business owners who had no formal accounting training. QuickBooks makes accounting easy with a variety of tools to manage your finances. File Extension QBW contains financial data created by QuickBooks money management software. QuickBooks is used for most financially-related business processes, from preparing and sending invoices, sales tax tracking and payment, preparation of basic financial statements and reports, and inventory management.

QuickBooks data files create a separate file, having file extension QBW, when you condense it. Then it saves the file with the name Archive Copy XX/XX/200X followed by the name of the QBW file. In addition to this archive file, the condense process forces you to create a backup (QBB) copy of the file. The archive file is an exact copy of the company file before condensing and can be used to look up information that was later removed during the condense process. With QuickBooks, you can create reports only in data files which have file extension QBW. You must Restore backup files (and convert them into data files) in order to use them.

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