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If you are planning to have a small gathering of friends or some get-together and are wondering how you could make their night special and yet keep it very simple without having to order something from a high price menu , then I have got the perfect solution for you. The solution indeed is Oh Sugar/Nam bits cookies, which can be offered as a gift, as snacks or in other ways too. You can choose between cookies and candies, pick the most attractive package appropriate for your event. Also, you can personalize the label sticker and choose the ribbon and font to complement for a unique gift, favor or announcement.  
An edible wedding favor cookies and candies are found in different varieties. Some of them are Plain Jane cookies, Nam's Bits chocolate chip cookies and Nam's Bits brownie which are a cookie wedding favors. Among them Nam’s Bits Chocolate Chip Cookies is the most popular favor or gift. It comes in jars, bags, and paint cans. With a custom label sticker and ribbon they are a classy personalized gift that won’t hurt your pocket. They also make a great "thank you" gift to always have on hand.
A wedding candy favor, Gold diggers, Sassy sours candy, Muchas fruit candies is very good in taste and also not much expensive. The goody goody gumballs, Raging Mamas candies and Alohas candies are also some of other candies which are also suitable to give them to clients, reps, customers, sponsors, or even use them as announcements. These candies and cookies are suitable for any age people, young or old as it is a quality product in different ways.

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