Some years back,joining a good college or getting admissions meant waiting for hours in long queues.Although it happens now too,some precent of it has been reduced due to the "Inernet".Information regarding many colleges and the procedure for getting admissions can now be done online.Using the internet is now a common thing and is used between people's of different fields and sectors.Whether you are a bussinessman,a student or an IT professionals internet plays a important role in your life.Want to be the first to know your exam results? Want the news about the latest software on the market? Get the latest market quotes?Just plug in your computer and search on internet! Before it became common,nobody believed that a normal man could have access to the Internet.Corporate users and researchers in universities were among the few lucky one's who got access to Internet in early stages.Thankfully, all of this has changed now.Awareness, for one, has increased a great deal and people are constantly in touch with the latest happenings around the planet. The Internet is omnipresent and people ignoring it or trying not to use it are considered thick.

Internet connections of present days are not restricted to merely the dial-up connections and user's are moving onto more faster and reliable broadband connections,although it's use is still limited.Nonetheless, the good part is that people are now more connected than ever before.The world's seems to be a giant village due to the unlimited resources of Internet.But who fuels this?Where is the Internet based? More importantly, what really is this Internet?How did it suddenly become such an integral part of our lives? Is it a bad thing or a good thing?Is it going to last? Is it helping us? You will know answers to all this question and many more in a manner that will make you understand what it really is and how can you use it best.Also you will get knowledge about future technologies that will transform the manner in which we use the Internet today.

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