A relatively new phenomenon, online networking and collaboration has caught on fast because of its impact on small businesses and professionals. Networking sites such as and have developed into business networking sites from simple ‘get to meet more people’ sites. These sites let you browse through individual profiles separated into different categories.

There are also sites targeted at specific professions, such as which is aimed at writers and potential publishers. Others, such as, concentrate on visual art. There are other sites aimed at programmers and computer professionals. Apart from networking and getting various employment or work-related opportunities, these sites also allow interaction within the community and lead to the birth of new ideas.

Networking and collaboration tools have helped professionals no end A related development on the Web is the birth of sites such as and, which act as online project management sites. They act as the user’s own private intranet. The wiki in these sites make them very easy to modify and customise as per the user’s need. Twiki, for example, is an online enterprise collaborationsite. It is designed to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool on an intranet or on the Internet.

The increasing use of technology in small business and projects has lead to a large exchange of ideas, and has given birth to collaborative efforts such as and Wikinews. This has also transcended the virtual world and has gone into mainstream media. Daily newspapers such as Ohmynews of Korea are testament to the fact that collaborative efforts from the Internet can be carried forward into the real world.

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