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Right now, the Internet is growing and at an amazing rate. This rate could perhaps be second only to the burgeoning population of third world countries. Internet use across the planet has grown at a whopping 146 per cent since 2000 and is continuously moving upwards.

The main reason for this is that the Internet has now become an accepted part of the mainstream urban life. The Internet is used for almost everything imaginable from recreation and entertainment to learning about rocket science. However, for every good thing, a million bad ones hit you. The same has happened with the Internet. The Internet is a huge resource for everything under the sun; however, not all the data available is harnessed in the right way or in the right direction.

There is an information overload and within a small time, you can turn from a learner to a researcher. Another factor is that all data that is available on the Internet is not true and should not be accepted at face value, which users normally do. This has been happening since the time Internet came into existence. With more and more users getting online everyday, it has become difficult for searching and sifting through data. Not all results provided by search engines are the one you are looking for. Depending on the search engine used, results provided could be based on which advertiser pays the most. For the statistician in you, here are a few to gulp.

Research to find out the number of Web sites visited by users residing in the US showed that the total number of users in a month was 164,961 out of which, Yahoo!, Time Warner and MSN were the most-visited domains. The Entertainment category comprised a total of 128,863 users whose most visited Web sites were Viacom Online, AOL Entertainment, Yahoo! Music and Windows Media in that order. And these figures are just for a month for users surfing the internet in the US! If we start collating data from other countries, we will definitely achieve a mind-boggling figure. So where do we go from here?

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