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Importance of video surveillance

video surveillance  est devenu un outil essentiel à l'heure actuelle pour protéger les personnes et les biens à tout moment de la journée. Il est devenu plus sophistiqué avec une technologie améliorant l'efficacité de la vidéo et à la baisse coût d'une caméra de haute qualité, il est également devenu plus abordable même pour les petits ménages.

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Problems in addiction treatment

Human nature is unsatisfying and insisting. We are never satisfied with what we achieve and always are encouraged internally to do things that are prohibited or harmful to us directly or indirectly. Especially at our teenage this nature or behaviors are at its peak.

When these uncontrolled emotions and behavior are plotted in wrong ways, problems like drug addiction arouse. There no doubt that drug addiction treatment are available everywhere today, but also if we count on its effectiveness, it's far away in comparison to its growth.

One main cause behind is social status as parents came to know their children are addicted to drug their first reaction is how to face society now, not mostly in developed countries, but in developing countries like south Asian. Many addicted children are locked in their room so as prevent them from social hatred, but this is definitely not a solution. They must be treated and if parents want privacy, then programs like private addiction treatment are available. These types of treatment are provided by many organizations, but there's lack of public awareness.

The treatment of addiction has upgraded a lot, today they use different therapies, meditation techniques so as to get patient out of addiction and treatment are also classified, to mention one the best example would be inpatient addiction treatment.

Apart from drug addiction treatment we also need to destroy the cause of the problem from its root, i.e. creating awareness amongst the teenager about the negative aspect of drug, why they should avoid it and their long-term effects so that no one will ever get encouraged to try drugs.

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Responsibilities of parents

We recognize our parents as a living god because they are the first one to understand our needs and no doubt that the first word we learn is from our parents. Parents are the policy makers, centre of devotion, educator, path finder and lot more that can't be expressed in words.

But as a child grows up their need changes and accordingly parent's need to act. Unfortunately most of parents fail to do so. Researches shows the most important phase of a human being is adolescence that is marked roughly between 12 to early 20s. In literary sense it is defined as the spring of human life where they move from childhood to adulthood physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

When parents are unable to cope up with these changes of their children they are lured towards the wrong direction. Surveys show that the criminals today are criminals because of their wrong path they choose at their adolescence period. A child feels he or she is mature, but emotionally he / she is developing a feeling of loneliness and blindness towards future & at this when parents are unable to clear the problems they get out of control. Many get into drug addiction which they began with a smoking as a hobby. Many ruined their study because of more concentration on fun such as internet, friends, parties, gathering, etc. Some lost their ways because of so-called love or lust and because of these, many teenager are today in drug rehab for addiction treatment and all of them have their own reason, but the fact is, they lack proper guidance. Lack decision making capacity to choose right way, for which parents needs to more responsible as well as other society teachers neighbor and all so that no teenager have to be dragged to alcohol rehab anymore. Let's get together and say no to drugs.

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Influence of Culture in Writing

With the change in technology, the world today has changed into a small global village and with the advance technologies we can easily get connected. Within these contexts, English is rapidly growing as a global language. Most of the universities that an undergraduate dream to get admission offers courses in English and in this sense English language are inseparable.

Even though the language is growing, it is also transforming into different forms. Here, I don't mean British English and American English, but the influence of their culture in writing plays a key role. Essay writers UK has some of their own set patterns of background and these are slightly different from American writers and others. If in a class of students from different culture are given a task for writing an academic essay, then this influence of culture in writing can be clearly analyzed as developing countries background and their way of description is different from developed countries

Writing dissertations also plays a key role while writing and this dissert between the writers are found different within the different culture writers. Even though there are differences in writing, the creations are always supported and criticized in their own way. So, the conclusion point here is that there is always influence of culture in whatever you do.